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My name is Tim Foote. I help people have conversations and become better connected. I work mostly as a facilitator, mediator and consultant, primarily through Reframe Aotearoa. I’m based in Wellington, New Zealand.

On this website you’ll find:

I specialise in transformation

I support people to transform how they communicate – to shift into the patterns and ways of being that best suit their needs and the needs of those around them. Everyone has the capacity to communicate well – but at times we need more structure and support to work out how to best be with each other.

Moments of change, challenge and conflict are powerful opportunities for us to learn and grow together. I provide the appropriate structure for this process of learning and growth. This means responsive and clear support that helps the people I’m working with work out what they want to do – and how they’ll do it.

I work across most scales of practice and intensity – from family and workplace mediation to community conflicts and disputes; from individual professional coaching to city-wide social change projects. I work both as an individual practitioner and in partnership with other professionals.

Get in touch

I work with people and groups for many different reasons. Sometimes I’m asked to help when things aren’t working well between people – such as when a conflict or dispute has taken place, or a relationship or partnership has broken down. However, I also often work with people who simply want to communicate better and deepen their connectedness – like neighbours, workplaces, and community organisations.

If you’d like to work with or connect with me, get in touch for an initial conversation. The best way to reach is me is by email on tim@reframe.nz. You can also find my phone number or send me an enquiry by visiting the ‘Contact me’ page.

Reach out if you’d like to have a chat about how we could work together.